Welcome to ExecuPrep. We are here to help you “put together the pieces to your success.” ExecuPrep is a Human Resources (HR) consulting firm specializing in HR consulting, training, and executive coaching. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, ExecuPrep is strategically located to provide services to growing organizations—large and small. Whether your organization began business yesterday or has been around for decades, ExecuPrep can reduce your Human Resources and training burdens and help keep your business profitable by helping reduce liabilities.

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What We Do

ExecuPrep facilitates the success of rapidly growing companies. We can eliminate some of the pressures of your current HR department, become your HR department, or help you implement a much needed HR department. We offer several attractive services that range from employee handbook development to specialized one-on-one executive/management coaching. Allow us to assist you in taking care of your employees while you get back to taking care of your specialty—your business.

ExecuPrep is experienced with federal and local laws. We have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to help eliminate some of your company’s HR liabilities. Good Human Resources are about the bottom line: happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees make your company money. As your HR provider, ExecuPrep will assist you when you need us, but we won’t stay on your payroll when you don’t. Save money and time by allowing the HR experts—ExecuPrep—to handle your Human Resource needs.

For one-time or long-term service, ExecuPrep offers custom solutions to your company’s individual situations.

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